Donate Your Writing Talent to Help Seek and Save the Lost

In an effort to expand the reach of, I’m putting out the call: Christian Writers Wanted – Christian Writers Needed to promote this site to the world and help bring the Gospel to as many lost souls as possible by creating a constant flow of new unbelievers and believers who will help carry the message forward.

Millions of people search the Internet daily for God or a connection to God that they don’t know how to make.  These are people who are dealing with any number of emotional issues such as addiction, abusive relationships, thoughts of suicide, loneliness, divorce, loss of a loved one, the feeling there is no hope.  Alone at their computer they type in any number of search terms in an attempt to find some connection that will help them get beyond their pain.  For whatever reason, these people don’t feel there is anyone they can turn to or confide in for comfort and advice.  Some are embarrassed to admit they are in need.  Some are embarrassed to admit they are searching for God. Some are completely unaware of exactly what they are searching for.  As a result, the Internet has become a fertile field for those of us who are committed to helping God seek and save the lost.  The Internet makes it possible for us to go into all the world without ever leaving the comfort or our home.  The Internet makes it possible for us to connect with those searching for God in a whole new way.

The central purpose of is to provide resources for discovering and sharing Christian faith.  In addition, is designed to be a tool to help new believers grow in their faith, find a place of worship, and become a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  As this site develops, more and more tools will be provided to help lead unbelievers to Christ, move fallen away believers back to the church, and to provide inspiration and fellowship to believers who share a passion for helping lost souls find God.  It’s vitally important that we provide as many avenues to God as possible on the Internet so that those searching will easily find an approach that speaks to their heart.  My prayer is that will be one of many such sites that provide a unique and inviting message of hope, trust, and compassion to those searching for the most important connection of their life.  My prayer is that thousands will come to know Jesus Christ as a result of their visit to this website.  Furthermore, my prayer is that thousands will use to share their faith with friends and family.

When people use the Internet to search for a connection to God, they are at a place in their life that makes them open to an honest discussion of the Scripture.  Many of these people are being guided by the Lord toward greater understanding; our job is to be there for them and guide them to Salvation through Jesus Christ.  If you skim the pages of you will find many different approaches to sharing the Gospel and overcoming the deception of the world we live in.  My goal is to get as many Internet seekers pointed toward as possible.   My prayer is that once these lost souls arrive at they will find an article or video that speaks directly to their heart.

How You Can Use Your Talent to Help

Google is the main tool used for Internet searches and that is the focus of this seeker gathering process and where you can be an enormous asset.  When anyone types in a search term into the Google search engine, super computers go to work to almost instantly select the most relevant websites to respond to that specific search query.  Most search terms return millions of possible choices; for that reason, Google uses mathematical formulas to determine which websites to present on the first page of that search.  Just33minutes already has several search terms that deliver a page one ranking in the Google search results, and one of the main tools used to get that placement was links from other websites directed at  I acquired those links by writing and posting small articles on other websites along with links back to  This is a lot of work, and takes away from my ability to develop new material for just33minutes.  In addition, I’m not able to write enough articles alone to build the number of links needed to keep this site constantly ranking high in search query results.  It would be a tremendous blessing if other talented writers would write articles that contain links back to and post those articles at the various article posting sites around the Internet.

For those who are unaware, here are three potential article posting sites for you to visit:




The above list is just a small sample.  There are many more such sites on the Internet where writers can post articles for free and include links back to other websites.  Most of these posting sites allow the writer to include at least two links per article, which means you may include a link back to the just33minutes home page and another link directly to something on that is particularly relevant to the article you’re posting.  Generally an article of about 400 words is all that’s needed to post on one of these sites.  You can write an article specifically about or something that augments any of the topics found on the site.

Sample Posted Article Examples

Louise Willard  - EzineArticles - “Faith in Jesus Through the Gospels”

Bola Eyinla – GoArticles - “The Role of Satan in the World”

Naty Matos – Added link to her Blogroll - “Naty Mastos’s Blog”

Min. Christopher G.A. Fox – Hup Pages -  “Real Love Pt 1: Love Defined”

Cypress Ministries – “The Very Heart of Worship”

Cypress Ministreis - “LampPost Christian Publications”

Lauressa –

Possible Topics

Jesus Christ

Christian Faith

Salvation through Jesus Christ

The value of the Bible

Why believers should share their faith

The love of God

God’s plan for this world and Individuals

Satan’s role in our lives and this world

What it means to be a Christian

Trusting God

How do we know God is real?

How do we know the Bible is the Word of God?

The importance of attending a Christian church

What is Christian fellowship?

What is it like to have a personal relationship with God?

These topics and all the variations of these topics are likely the issues you are already writing about and you may even have a few articles you can post today.  Keep in mind, these article posting sites require that you post fresh material that has never been posted on the Internet before.  Yes, they do check.  And each posting site has different rules for posting and adding links.  Go over their guidelines carefully before you begin and if you run into any problems just click on the contact button above and send me a note.  I’ll be happy to assist you in developing your own Internet presence where you can begin sharing your inspired writing with the world.

Step One:  Visit several Internet article posting sites and select the one that works best for you.

Step Two: Write a 400 word article about just33minutes or one of the topics found here.

Step Three:  Post your article with two links back to just33minutes; one link to the Home Page and another link to something on just33minutes that is related to your article.

Step Four: Repeat as often as possible.  A constant flow of new links is always needed.

Your help with this link building process will be a great blessing to all those who will find this site and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Your efforts will be greatly appreciated and each link you provide will help spread the word to other believers that is a resource they can use to share their faith with family and friends.

I’m sincerely thankful you’ve taken the time to consider this request and look forward to reading your work once it’s posted.  Please send me a note via the contact button above whenever you post something so that I may be blessed by reading your article.

In Christ,

Mike Murphy